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Latest in the “stuff stuck on the wall” series

Wrapping Paper This is “Wrap­ping Paper,” 16 × 12”, oil on panel.

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  1. Bonitas Blog says

    Very cool stuff, I’m still amazed at the vol­ume of tal­ent here in new Eng­land. I stum­bled across your blog through Jeff hayes blog. I love the paint­ing of the boots hang­ing and I admire your curios­ity and exper­i­men­tal nature. Glad i found your sight.

    I’ll check back from time-to-time. All the best,

  2. David says

    Thanks, Todd. I notice you stud­ied with Den­nis Cheaney at the New Eng­land Real­ist Art Cen­ter. I did as well, though so far as I know we’ve never met.

  3. Samohtra Fine Art says

    I appre­ci­ate very much the time and great carein your writ­ing as well as your paint­ing. I’m impressed that alim­ited palette of col­ors can be used so effec­tively to cre­ate a sim­ple and evoca­tive design. It is rest­full and com­pels one to fur­ther med­i­ta­tion upon it.Beginnig again after a very long hia­tus from paint­ing and find­ing your blog is a gold­mine. Thanks again.

  4. David says

    Thanks, Samo­htra. I appre­ci­ate the kind comments.

    Good luck with get­ting back into painting.

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