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Jan van Eyck

Van Eyck, Man in Turbanwas cred­ited by the 16th cen­tury artist and biog­ra­pher Vas­sari as the inven­tor of oil paint­ing. That’s not the case, but in the early 15th cen­tury he was one of the pio­neers of the mod­ern use of oil paint­ing as a pri­mary paint­ing medium.

Appar­ently, he had a sense of humor. This paint­ing, which may be a self-portrait, was made with a frame carved as part of the panel. At the bot­tom, it’s inscribed (in Greek let­ters in the Flem­ish lan­guage) with what appears to be a pun. It can be read either as “As I can,” or “As Eyck can.”

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  1. wordsmith @ large says

    a fine paint­ing to be sure, but a rather unusual head­dress, at least it it to my untrained eye. ;)


  2. David says

    I think it’s a pretty cool tur­ban thingie, myself.

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