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Color swatches

Here are some oil paint swatches. For each paint, the pure color is on top and that color mixed with white is below. There is no way for me to take a pic­ture, post it on the web, and have you see it accu­rately on your com­puter mon­i­tor. But this gives some idea of what the color looks like. I find this to be a use­ful ref­er­ence when I’m search­ing for just the right color to add to my core palette.

Top row (left to right): Red ochre (Williams­burg), Ital­ian burnt sienna (WB), ver­mil­ion gen­uine (Doak), yel­low ochre (WB), Ital­ian raw sienna (WB), raw umber (Old Hol­land), burnt umber (WB), terre verte (WB), ultra­ma­rine blue (Stu­dio Prod­ucts), Ger­man earth (WB).


Bot­tom row: Flo­ren­tine lake (Doak), Bohemian green earth (WB), Tus­can red (Stu­dio Prod­ucts), Poz­zuoli earth (WB), Indian yel­low (Doak), Fra Angelico blue (Doak), Alger blue (Doak), trans­par­ent blue oxide (Doak), milori (Pruss­ian) blue (Doak), indigo (WB).

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  1. Shobha Nagendran says

    This is from India!

    I am an Artist. A self taught Clas­si­cal artist. Today I run a hobby art school here in Ban­ga­lore and teach only Proper art. No abstract trash at my school!

    Glad I found your blogsite. It is very inter­est­ing and useful.

  2. David says

    Thanks, Shobha.

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