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I’m work­ing on tweak­ing the new weblog theme, so you might expe­ri­ence some weird­ness in the way ATSH looks. It should be bet­ter soon.

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  1. Angel says

    Thanks for all the swatches. Even with­out abil­ity to enlarge(?), one can see what a beau­ti­ful Algae Blue color is. It’s very teal. While it’s very non-aristic to talk about money, one has to real­ize that these col­ors surely don’t come cheap. The pay­out of course, is great, how­ever, order­ing any Cad­mium color will set you back $20, and other col­ors? I’m afraid to ask. Right now, I have been stick­ing with Grum­bacher col­ors, sub­sti­tut­ing only cad­mi­ums with WN. The rest, includ­ing beau­ti­ful Algae Blue, are mixed by me!

  2. David says


    Actu­ally, it’s Alger blue, and it is beau­ti­ful. Of course it’s appro­pri­ate to talk about money; art mate­ri­als can be very expen­sive. I would like to point out that, within the realm of high-quality paint, Doak’s prices are very low.

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