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More swatches

Here are some more swatches of oil paint.

Top row (L to R): virid­ian (Doak), cad­mium green (Williams­burg), earth green (WB), pthalo green (M. Gra­ham), Turkey umber (WB), French ochre extra pale (Doak), lead tin yel­low (Doak), Bris­tol yel­low (Doak), pyrol ruby red (Doak), cad­mium red medium (Doak).


Bot­tom row: cad­mium red (Gra­ham), alizarin crim­son (Gra­ham), quinacridone vio­let (Gra­ham), diox­azine pur­ple (Gra­ham), azo yel­low (Gra­ham), stil de grain, (WB), warm sepia extra (Old Hol­land), unbleached tita­nium (WB), trans­par­ent yel­low oxide (Doak), Naples yel­low (WB)

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  1. Jeff says

    Thanks for post­ing these swatches David:) Upon the rec­om­men­da­tion of Valentino I am devour­ing Blake’s Cre­ative Color For The Oil Painter. This book is so amaz­ing, it angers me to no end that this infor­ma­tion wasn’t even close to being pre­sented when I was tak­ing art courses at Uni­ver­sity. I am hav­ing to unlearn every­thing I had been taught– I am grate­ful though that I finally found the real deal.

  2. David says


    I haven’t seen that one. I’ll see if I can track down a copy.

  3. Jennifer says

    Thanks! I’m just start­ing out with oil paint­ing and I found this very helpful.

  4. David says


    You’re wel­come.

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