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Ten thousand

By the reck­on­ing of one online aggre­ga­tor (Siteme­ter) I have now had a bit over ten thou­sand vis­its to this blog since I started last July (that includes hits from before I switched from Blog­ger to Word­Press). Met­rics like this are arbi­trary and can be fairly inac­cu­rate, but now seems like as good a time as any to review.

I’ve made 172 posts (not count­ing this one). There have been 186 com­ments (legit­i­mate com­ments; I’ve had thou­sands of spam com­ments). Over the last cou­ple of months, about 35% of vis­its are from peo­ple who have been here before and 65% are first time vis­i­tors. About 48% of vis­its come here from Google searches; many of the rest are directed here from var­i­ous inter­net forums I tend to post on. About 14% come here directly (most likely by using a book­mark). Many of those who come via Google search click away imme­di­ately. Pop­u­lar posts include “How to get oil paint to dry quickly,” “Oil paint­ing with­out sol­vents,” and “So you’ve decided to try oil paint­ing,

Right now, ATSH gets about 100 vis­its per day. That’s small change in the inter­net world, but I find it grat­i­fy­ing that so many peo­ple come here. Thanks for stop­ping by. If you like the site, please con­sider writ­ing a com­ment from time to time (and dona­tions are def­i­nitely appreciated).

Happy paint­ing.

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  1. Incompetent says

    Great to see your hard work is real­iz­ing some results. I like the no-bs infor­ma­tion and the occa­sional philo­soph­i­cal dis­ser­ta­tions. Oh yeah, and the follow-ups to the ques­tions (Lord knows I’ve asked a lot of those).

    Here’s to 10 thou­sand more! (Uh, any­one remem­ber that “5000 Miles” song?)

  2. David says


  3. Jeff says

    Con­grats David! It is a honor to watch you come into your own as a painter. Your self­less ded­i­ca­tion to the true art of paint­ing is won­der­ful to behold. In the future I will refer any­one inter­ested in seri­ous learn­ing ie the appro­pri­ate way to use mate­ri­als, ways to look at art, etc to Cen­nini and your blog. From those two sources I have learned more in the last six months about art than my entire life pre­vi­ously. The jump to word­press has taken things to another level as well– look­ing for­ward as always to future posts!

  4. David says

    Thanks, Jeff. I’m glad you find ATSH so help­ful.

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