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Recession perspective

Recession perspectivePer­spec­tive is a visual device used to cre­ate the illu­sion of three-dimensional space. How manyu dif­fer­ent kinds of per­spec­tive are there? Lots.

Here’s one: reces­sion per­spec­tive. When a series of sim­i­lar objects gets smaller in a reg­u­lar man­ner, the illu­sion is cre­ated that, instead of a series of smaller and smaller objects, they are instead same-sized objects reced­ing in space.

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  1. ScottWms says

    One could also make the case that your illus­tra­tion is an exam­ple of sim­ple one-point per­spec­tive. How­ever, when I see it in black and white, it seems more like an exam­ple of an opti­cal illu­sion or a gestalt prin­ci­ple of per­cep­tion. Instead of our minds read­ing the marks as being 2D on a flat sur­face, our minds orga­nize and per­ceive them as rep­re­sent­ing depth or reces­sion. Is that what you’re get­ting at? I tend to think in one-point, two-point, three-point, aer­ial and orthog­o­nal per­spec­tive myself.


  2. David says


    By “per­spec­tive,” I mean all of the vari­ety of means by which three-dimensional space is estab­lished on a flat image. There are a lot more of those than the ones you men­tion. They can be con­sid­ered to fall into the realm of opti­cal illu­sion, but then so does any paint­ing that cre­ates the illu­sion of dimensionality.

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