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Keeping at it

Blackberries 3I love paint­ing fab­ric. It has a fas­ci­nat­ing organic qual­ity that’s a con­tin­ual chal­lenge to cap­ture. So I’ve now painted most of the blue fab­ric, includ­ing the cast shadow from the bowl. The bowl itself, and the berries, are still just roughly blocked in.

The black­ber­ries I started with have become pretty gross. I had planned to replace them with fresh black­ber­ries. I am cur­rently con­sid­er­ing replac­ing them with cher­ries, because the blue color scheme is seem­ing a lit­tle monot­o­nous (the bowl is white ceramic with a blue fish pattern).

A paint­ing like this is at least 85% white paint. I am cur­rently using Stu­dio Prod­ucts lead white, which I have not used much pre­vi­ously. It has a ropey tex­ture that takes some get­ting used to, but I am start­ing to really like. When I first opened the tube it was very oily. I drained off the extra oil and now it’s just about perfect.

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  1. Anna Sellers says

    Your wrin­kles are look­ing great! I love the look of good drap­ery in a painting.

    I think cher­ries would really pop in this.

    I am curi­ous about your still life set up. This is such an unusual angle. It looks almost as if you are paint­ing this from a cof­fee table height or the floor.

  2. David says

    Thanks, Anna.

    The setup is on a TV tray. I’m look­ing down on it from above (I stand when painting).

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