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A group web log about color for painters. Check it out.


23 March 2008: Please note that the Ratio­nal Color blog has been tran­si­tioned to a forum. Mem­ber­ship is lim­ited: you must apply and be approved. If you are a seri­ous stu­dent of art you may want to do that. It is def­i­nitely a place for seri­ous dis­cus­sion of painting.

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  1. Incompetent says

    What are your thoughts on the whole Primary/Split Pri­mary vs. Mun­sell debate, Dave?

  2. David says


    I have not fol­lowed any debate at the Ratio­nal Color blog, if there is one and that’s what you are refer­ring to.

    I see Mun­sell as a tool for describ­ing color which does not say much use­ful about the process of color mix­ing. It pro­vides a con­crete way to describe color (either the color of objects we observer or the color of paint we are mix­ing and apply­ing). That’s what it’s good for.

    In gen­eral, I’m not per­son­ally very inter­ested in primary-based palettes. For one thing, they gen­er­ally focus mainly on find­ing the paint with the high­est chroma in a desired hue slot. I find the inter­net dis­cus­sions one can find about which pig­ment index num­ber fits best into which slot to be extra­or­di­nar­ily tire­some and imprac­ti­cal for my style of paint­ing, which is mainly low-chroma in nature. So I find that a core palette approach to be more use­ful for me.

  3. matthew says

    just though I’d men­tion that this blog has become invite only it seems. oh well I found it inter­est­ing for awhile..

  4. David says


    It has changed. Thanks for let­ting me know.

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