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Thinking about this site

You may have noticed that I’ve been post­ing less lately. A lot less. Life has been very busy with an engag­ing job and a one-year old to take care of. Some­time in the next few months I’m going to be enrolling in online grad­u­ate courses in order to work toward board cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in behav­ior analy­sis—some­thing that’s becom­ing a neces­sity if I want to con­tinue doing the kind of work I do. That will take up even more of my time for awhile.

I really like All the Strange Hours and want it con­tinue to be an active site. So I’m con­sid­er­ing open­ing the site up to other con­trib­u­tors. I would con­tinue to be the editor/administrator and I’d still pay the web host­ing costs. (You thought this was free?) Con­trib­u­tors could post when­ever they like, stick­ing within the gen­eral topic of visual art. You could do one post or many. I would retain the right to accept or reject posts, although I would plan to have a pretty light hand. Reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tors would have a sec­tion of a “con­trib­u­tors” page and links to their site or sites.

What do you think? Is that a good idea or not? Are you inter­ested in con­tribut­ing to an art web log? Feel free to com­ment or send email.

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  1. Scott Williams says

    Another alter­na­tive would be to place your blog on offi­cial hia­tus. Post a “will return on this date” mes­sage and resume on that date. I don’t know about most read­ers of your blog, but I sub­scribe to the RSS feed. I will be noti­fied when there’s a new post, even if it’s months from now.

     ---> Scott
  2. angel says

    I would love to con­tribute. Let’s set up a sched­ule. I love All the strange hours. We all have times in life when it seems like you won’t have time for any­thing else. But in time, you will. This site is your “child”, so don’t aban­don it.

  3. katarzyna says

    Hi. I’ve googled-in look­ing for a “gesso mak­ing” site. I’m a sec­ond year stu­dent of art from Ire­land and just started to “play” with solid sur­faces. Our great teacher (Simon Eng­lish of Eng­land) explained the thing won­der­fully, but for me (hav­ing habits from the Con­ti­nent) the pro­por­tions like “one ounce of glue to 15 ounces of liq­uid, which means three quar­ters of pint– and I don’t know what the equiv­a­lent for Europe is” just don’t sound friendly. Never mind, I tuned-into your blog and just have had a good feel­ing about it. You seem to be pro­fes­sion­ally pas­sion­ate or pas­sion­ately pro­fes­sional, and you shar­ing your expe­ri­ence in such a straight­for­ward and thought­ful way. It’s just a lit­tle bit sad that I’ ve joined when some­thing is about to end and you plan­ning to tran­form your site. I would like to con­tribute, obvi­ously, just I don’t want to make any cheap promises at the moment. I think that this www-space has got a great poten­tial to become a sort of a forum-blog for any­one willig to share his/her artis­tic expe­ri­ence (“all the strange hours” of becom­ing an artist, what­ever that means). Wish you all the best. Katarzyna

  4. David says

    Scott, Angel, Katarzyna,

    Thanks for the thought­ful com­ments. I should be clear that I have no inten­tion of aban­don­ing this site or no longer post­ing here. I’ll prob­a­bly post at the rate of once every week or two for the fore­see­able future. The ques­tion I’m ask­ing myself and my read­ers is whether other peo­ple also con­tribut­ing would be a good idea. I’m still think­ing about that and would be happy to get any other opin­ions on the matter.

  5. katarzyna says

    Hi. It’s me again. I think I got your point bet­ter this time. It’s a big dif­fer­ence between hav­ing guests (com­men­ta­tors) on your site and actu­ally let­ting oth­ers to con­tribute in a more “seri­ous” (sorry, I can­not find a bet­ter word) man­ner — and in con­se­quence — let­ting them to mod­ify, change and/or use your site as a pri­vate space. Is it why you ask­ing your­self and your read­ers “whether other peo­ple con­tribut­ing would be a good idea”? Or, is it just a wild fan­tasy of mine. I sup­pose, being in your shoes I would have sim­i­lar worry and it’s quite nat­ural that you, as a cre­ator and only main author of this space are still think­ing about “whether” to allow this to hap­pen. Per­son­ally, I believe that any seri­ous change/transformation, although some­times risky or/and dif­fi­cult is just an unavoid­able part of evo­lu­tion and self-improvement. What you may need David is a plan, a strat­egy com­bined with re-thinking (I know, again) the whole phi­los­o­phy behind your site, then-setting the rules and… enjoy­ing the change! Hope, it helps. Katarzyna

  6. David says


    Thanks for the thought­ful com­ment. I did not respond imme­di­ately because my fil­ters fil­ter placed in the “pos­si­bly spam” list and there­fore did not allow it to be pub­lished until I noticed and approved it. That’s going to hap­pen some­times, although the alter­na­tive is to allow hun­dreds of com­ment spams per month to be posted to this site.

    I’ll be address­ing this issue in a post shortly.

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