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Some benefits of keeping a “Studio Journal”

  • First and fore­most — to keep the work alive with thinking/reflection
  • To pre­serve unique moments of a discovery
  • To pre­serve equally unique moments of a struggle/crisis
  • To learn from one’s own story
  • To exer­cise an insight and self-recognition
  • To learn self-discipline and persistence
  • To develop skill in a creative/accurate writing
By “Stu­dio Jour­nal” I mean any form of a writ­ten record of one’s own progress/actions in an artis­tic stu­dio (by ‘stu­dio’ I mean an actual work­place — wher­ever thinking/working takes place; it can be a gallery, trip, work­shop, library).

It can be kept in a form of a sketch­book, where draw­ings, work-samples, illus­tra­tions are included, how­ever a spe­cial care should be taken for putting expe­ri­ences into words… It’s slightly sim­i­lar to main­tain­ing a web-blog, how­ever, more personal…

It’s best reward­ing when the dis­ci­pline of reg­u­lar notes (based on every­day, each two/three days fre­quency) is applied consistently.

I’ve been sus­tain­ing my own ‘Jour­nal’ for a month as for now and must say — it’s got a power to sur­prise. I mean — read­ing my own two-weeks-old thoughts is some­times like fly­ing on another planet…

But one impor­tant rule — one has to be hon­est — and a diary is a great lec­ture on hon­esty… On one day I wrote: “I’m not going to pre­tend that I have some­thing inter­est­ing to say…” And some­times is noth­ing more than that…

So, good luck with that — if you accept this chal­lenge of mine…

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  1. frater gymnos says

    this is a grreat way to begin.

    the visual is on of th ways i com­mu­ni­cate and reflect with myself, over teh years.

    with the moon look­ing so full and preg­nant­tonight, i can­not but turn to my brand new Can­son sketch­book and speak that other tongue (which I undeer­stand a lit­tle, but have lages to go before i’m even passable!

    THanks for all your work.

  2. katarzyna says

    frater gym­nos, Thanks. It’s not only a great way to begin, but also to move on end­lessly, until the very end (if there is any end). All the best with your work, too.

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