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Painting shirt

This is the t-shirt I paint in most of the time. As you can see, I often wipe my brush or palette knife on the shirt as I work.

Painting shirt

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  1. Lisa B. says

    I’m a pant leg per­son, myself. Right pant leg, and red is the dom­i­nant color. Do real peo­ple actu­ally wear artist’s smocks?

  2. David says


    I find the shirt is closer to my paint­ing hand, and so is a shorter trip between the paint­ing and the cloth. But dif­fer­ent strokes and all that.

    I’ve seen pic­tures of artists work­ing in smocks, but never actu­ally seen it in real life. What’s really impres­sive are the old pho­tos of guys like J. S. Sar­gent paint­ing in for­mal suits. Appar­ently, that was pretty nor­mal back in the 19th cen­tury, at least for por­trait painters.

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