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  1. Incompetent says

    Inter­est­ing motifs; the black and white suits them admirably. Com­pared with your paint­ings, these pho­tographs seem almost abstract, focused on design ele­ments (those graf­fiti curves are a sub­tle but effec­tive con­trast). Or maybe I’m read­ing too much into it. What was your intent?

  2. David says

    @Incompetent -

    What was my intent? When I took the pic­ture, mostly I was inter­ested in the con­trast of the for­mal struc­ture of the bricks, win­dow, and bars con­trasted with the looser struc­ture of the graf­fiti. When I cropped and edited the pic­ture, I was also explor­ing the bal­ance of the win­dow on the left and the swirls of graf­fiti on the right.

    I agree that with pho­tog­ra­phy, I tend to be more abstract than when I am painting.

    Thanks for the inter­est­ing com­ment and question.

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