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Stretching canvas

I’m get­ting ready to stretch a 61 × 37.75 inch (155 cm x 96 cm) can­vas for a com­mis­sion. So I’ve been look­ing at online arti­cles on can­vas stretch­ing. Here’s one by James Bern­stein at Golden paints that sug­gests a dif­fer­ent set of pro­ce­dures than gen­er­ally used.

Rec­om­men­da­tions include:

  • Draw­ing a line along the weave of the can­vas in pen­cil along the bound­ary before­hand, so that you can check to see that the edge of the stretcher is even with the can­vas weave as you apply it to the stretcher chassis.
  • Sta­pling or tack­ing from the edges of the can­vas inward. This is exactly oppo­site from the way every other source I’ve seen says to do it.
  • Using push­pins for the ini­tial attach­ment of the can­vas to the stretcher, for ease of adjust­ment, before final tack­ing or stapling.
  • Let­ting the can­vas set­tle onto the frame for a day or two, with adjust­ment as needed, prior to final tack­ing or stapling.

These meth­ods dif­fer from stan­dard prac­tice, but the author makes a good case.

(Note that I found this arti­cle via a related post by Ran­dall Stoltzfus.

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  1. Randall Stoltzfus says

    Hi David, thanks for the men­tion. I hope the new can­vas comes out good!

  2. Tin says

    thanks James Bern­stein, now i under­stand why one of my paint­ing pro­fes­sor would stretch from the cor­ners, dif­fer­ent from his colleagues.

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