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What I did on my hiatus

I orig­i­nally titled this post, “What I did on my hiatal vaca­tion,” but thought bet­ter of it. You’re welcome.

Here are some things that hap­pened in 2010:

  • Lost 34 lbs. in the first half of the year. Now well within nor­mal body mass index.
  • Kept the weight off through the sec­ond half of the year.
  • Exer­cised quite a bit. Now in much bet­ter shape.
  • Dis­cov­ered that I am gluten-intolerant. A num­ber of minor health prob­lems have cleared up by switch­ing to a paleodiet/primal/ancestral approach to eating.
  • Com­pleted graduate-level course require­ments for board cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in behav­ior analy­sis. Got an A in each course. Yay, me.
  • Kept my day job and have trav­eled a lot through­out the U.S.
  • Stayed mar­ried (hap­pily). Kept my son Bren­dan (Now 4 1/2 years old) alive and cared for.
  • Stopped paint­ing for about 6 months. Now back to it.
  • Stopped updat­ing this blog for about 6 months (other than site main­te­nance, delet­ing spam, and respond­ing to com­ments). Now back to it.

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  1. pellucid says

    EXCELLENT! and you migrated from Blog­ger to Word­Press. I stum­bled upon your blog months ago and have enjoyed the Flem­ish tech­niques and art sup­ply posts. Thanks for shar­ing and look for­ward to see­ing more.

    • David says

      I migrated to Word­Press years ago. Glad you like the blog. Hope to have more posts soon.

  2. Chad says


    It’s good to see you back.

  3. Michael says

    Wel­come back. 35lbs is impres­sive. Does the elim­i­na­tion of gluten facil­i­tate weight loss? That has become such a wide­spread issue that it is fairly easy to find some­thing on a restau­rant menu accom­mo­dat­ing specif­i­cally gluten-free diets, at least where I live. All of the gro­cery stores have health sec­tions with gluten-free prod­ucts. Any new insights regard­ing Vit­a­min A supplements?

    • David says


      Elim­i­na­tion of refined car­bo­hy­drates such as sugar and white flour are def­i­nitely asso­ci­ated with weight loss. Elim­i­na­tion of gluten per se is not all that related to weight loss as far as I know. How­ever, gluten and other anti-nutrients in wheat inter­fere with proper nutri­ent absorp­tion and increase gut per­me­abil­ity, which can cause a vari­ety of autoim­mune prob­lems. When I eat wheat, for exam­ple, I get rashes and my joints hurt. Since elim­i­nat­ing wheat, the osteo-arthritis I was expe­ri­enc­ing in my right shoul­der has dis­ap­peared. In oth­ers, this gut per­me­abil­ity results in more seri­ous autoim­mune ill­nesses such as rheuma­toid arthri­tis, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, and lupus.

      If you don’t get enough vit­a­min A in your diet, then sup­ple­men­ta­tion is a good idea. I recently started tak­ing cod liver oil, which con­tains vit­a­min A among other nutrients.

  4. Michael says

    I was think­ing that weight loss might be a con­se­quence of elim­i­nat­ing cer­tain fat­ten­ing foods because it would be eas­ier, and per­haps health­ier, than switch­ing to a gluten-free form of the same food.

    I recall that you had posted about expe­ri­enc­ing improved vision after tak­ing high doses of vit­a­min A. Are you still doing this?

    • David says


      Many peo­ple have proven that you can lose weight with­out cut­ting out gluten. I find that a paleo/primal/ancestral style diet, with­out gluten grains, has many health ben­e­fits for me—weight loss among them.

      It was vit­a­min D3, actu­ally. Yes, I still do take 4,000 IU daily in gel­cap form except on days with lots of sun expo­sure and my vision is still good. D3 sup­ple­men­ta­tion makes sense to me because your body can’t make it with­out sun­light. Almost no one these days gets as much sun as our hunter-gatherer ances­tors did. Low serum vit­a­min D (“hypovi­t­a­minosis D,”) is asso­ci­ated with many health problems.

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