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Occa­sion­ally I pull together a set of related posts, edit for clar­ity, and make them into one arti­cle for the con­ve­nience of readers.

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  1. Dorothea von Eckhardt says

    I streach my own can­vas some­times with pre­pared gesso. Appling gesso is tricky on vir­gen can­vas. I have in the past found pin­holes after dry­ing. I apply 3 coats and sand in between coats. Dont shake the jar, only stir gen­tly. Air bub­bles form when shaking.

  2. David says


    If you are using real gesso (the kind made with hide glue and chalk), it is appro­pri­ate only for rigid sup­ports. It is too inflex­i­ble to be per­ma­nent on stretched canvas.

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