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Here are some providers of art sup­plies that I’ve found to be espe­cially good. Alas, I get no kick­backs if you buy their stuff.

Blue Ridge Artist Mate­ri­als*

Oil paint.

Nat­ural Pigments

Lead oil paint­ing ground, bris­tle brushes, bad­ger brush set, curd soap for brushes, oil paint.

Real Gesso**

Gesso and linen panels.

Robert Doak and Associates

Oil paint (espe­cially the blues), wal­nut oil, rab­bit­skin glue.

Stu­dio Products

Oil paint, ugly dog brush soap, glaz­ing medium.

Williams­burg Artist Materials

Oil paint (espe­cially the earths).

Full dis­clo­sure:

*I’ve received free sam­ples from this com­pany (although I’ve also bought stuff from them with my own money).

**The Real Gesso folks have been nice enough to give me a dis­count on orders. I get no kick­back when you order from them, however.

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  1. Fatima Ronquillo says

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for awhile now and we appar­ently have the same taste in mate­ri­als. Didn’t know about Blue Ridge. Thanks!

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